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Talents and gifts are to be celebrated! It is not always true that one who is able to be a jack of all trades, fails to be the master of any. And because no one knows what all the "trades" are, we are only here speaking about some.

So here is some of what we have to offer in response to some of the needs in your life.

Our Academic Solutions are designed to remediate as well as enrich. Our test-prep and subject specific courses are offered on a private basis, while our Biblical Studies will be streamed online on

Our Leadership Solutions is equally suited to  corporate leaders and business owners who need to re-tool their skills, as well as leaders in the not-for-profit sector who need to manage scarce charitable resources more efficiently.

Our Writing and Speaking Solutions work on a simple principle, "You need it documented, we'll write it. You need it said, we'll say it." We'll help you to organize your thoughts; put pen to paper; write your books and reports; train your workers; organize and conduct your conferences and seminars.

And for those in the Bible-based faith community, we are available to speak at your revivals, crusades, and camp meetings.

​Our Sports Solutions are offered through the vehicle of the Sports Officials Network. It provides training for technical and game officials, conducting seminars and workshops, and planning events.

To order services or request information, go to the Service Ordering User Location (SOUL).

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